Leslie (left) Sarah (right)

Leslie Schlesinger (left) Sarah Link (right)

Although they may look like sisters (and sometimes act like sisters), in fact, Sarah Link and Leslie Schlesinger are not related. These two gals became friends when Leslie relocated from Charlotte, NC to the ‘Windy City’ where Sarah grew up. Now both in the western suburbs, they have been busy exploring their new neighborhood, making friends, and getting involved in local groups.
          Leslie believes in raising children in an environment of unbridled creativity with no fear of following your dreams.  She is combining her own creative and entrepreneurial sides, and leading by example, to challenge her three kids to do what they love. Leslie also has a strong passion for supporting the community and giving back locally. When Leslie pitched the idea of Savvy Sister, based on a sale she shopped in North Carolina, Sarah fell in love with it immediately and there was no stopping the two. 
          Sarah  is a former National Board Certified Chicago Public School teacher and mom of three boys who brings balance, energy and punctuality to the company. She demonstrates the ability to go above and beyond when it comes to work, but also believes in having fun while spending time hanging out with her family, camping or baking delicious goodies. You can find both ladies supporting other small business while enjoying a glass of wine or cup of coffee, working out or playing at the local park district facilities, or shopping the sales around town.
Hosting the Savvy Sister Sale is what Leslie and Sarah love to do the most! It combines some of their favorite things… shopping, friends, and good deals! Held in the Spring and Fall this is more than just a “sale” it’s a 4-day long EVENT that is packed full of fabulous fashion, high quality shoes, handbags, and accessories for women of all sizes and ages.  They look forward to meeting each of you and sharing their passion!