Express Tagging

Let us do all the tagging for YOU!

Have a bunch of great clothes, shoes and accessories to consign, but cannot find the time to tag?  We know you are a busy lady and we are here to help! Pick out your top 75 hanging items to Express Tag with Savvy Sister*. Our Express Tagging Service, pays consignors 50% of their earnings.

Spring 2018 Express Tagging Deadlines: April 8th!

Rules and Regulations:

  • You must have a minimum of 40 hanging clothing items. Shoes, handbags, jewelry, and  accessories have no minimum.
  • All items must be clean, pressed, and hung on hangers prior to drop off or pick up.
  • Express Tagging is limited to 75 hanging pieces.  This does not include shoes, purses and accessories.*  If you have more than 75 hanging pieces to consign contact Savvy Sister

Let’s Get Started

  • There is an additional $20 Express Tagging Fee to cover costs for cardstock, printer ink, tagging supplies, labor, storage and transportation of consigned goods.  Payment shall be make via PayPal link (provided specifically to you) before items are accepted and picked up (local pickup only)
  • Decide if you would like your items donated after the sale. 
  • Remember: If you do NOT choose to DONATE your items, YOU MUST come to pick up your items during specified consignor pickup hours the last day of the sale.  Any items not picked up during this time, will be considered abandoned and become property of Savvy Sister.
  • All items will be discounted on the last day at 50% off, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please email us to get started! We will send you a shot survey to be completed within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

  • We price your items at 25-40% of the estimated original retail price ($100 retail item would be priced at $25-$40 in the sale).  The condition of an item raises or lowers this figure. If you have a specific price per item in mind, you may price items by placing masking tape on them with your desired price.

How do I know what I am selling?

  • Follow your sales online during the 4-day sales event by logging into your seller account.  Sales are usually reconciled overnight.  Just click on ‘View Settlement Report”.

How do I get paid?

  • You will receive 50% of your sales.  Within 5 days of the conclusion of the sale, you will receive your payment via PayPal. 

Eager to Shop at our Sale?

  • As a consignor, you will be able to shop the Private Consignor Pre-Sale Event and can bring ONE friend!

What happens to my unsold items?  

  • If you wish to have your unsold items returned after the sale, you must come pick up your items at the sale. Please visit the consignor timeline on consignor page for more information.
  • You may choose to donate your unsold items to the local charities chosen for the sale. Consignors may request a tax donation slip after the sale for donated items. 
  • We are unable to transport your items after our sales.  All items left after the pick-up deadline will become property of the Savvy Sister Sale.