Price Guideline

Pricing your items competitively is a key component to getting them sold. As the consignor, you determine how much you would like to sell each piece, but our general rule of thumb is 50-70% off the retail price.

Presentation Matters: When preparing your garments, make an effort to have all items zipped, buttoned or properly fastened.   In addition, it is well worth the effort to ensure each piece is ironed and wrinkle free.

Price Guideline:

  • Items that are “New With Tags” (NWT) can add an additional 20-30% to the price
  • Trending: Seasonal trends/fads can add a few extra dollars to the price (add $4-6)
  • Details: Add a few more dollars if it has extra detail/bling/sparkle (add $2-4)

Still not sure how much to price the item, below is a recommendation on prices based on brand. Keep in mind, you as the consignor control the price.

Price Guideline - bigger