Clean out that closet, organize your shoes, and sell those items you don’t wear anymore. Consignors can expect to earn a minimum of 60%, with the potential to earn up to 75% of your total sale, when volunteering.

Our on-line system makes it easy to register, log and tag items you wish to consign, schedule a Check-In time to drop off your items and volunteer for the sale.  It’s fast, easy and fun. Plus, consignors can expect payment, via PayPal, within 5 business days of the sale!

Set up your PayPal account today!


SPRING SALE REGISTRATION – Opening January 1st, 2018!

There is a $15 fee to cover the cost of the venue, which is paid during registration.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Why consign with Savvy Sister? 

 How do I receive my earnings?

  • You will receive payment within 5 business days of the sale via your PayPal account!  Plus, with our computerized tagging system you’ll know exactly how much you’re making each day!
  • Are there any PayPal fees?  No, we pay the fee. With PayPal you can shop thousands of retailers, transfer your money to your bank account (no fee), ATM, credit card, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the process, PayPal customer service number is 888-221-1161 or click this link to set up your account  Once your payment has gone through you will receive an email stating, “You have money!”
  • We highly recommend creating a PayPal account. If you choose to not create a PayPal account, 30 days after we send the initial payment the funds are returned to us. At that time we will issue a check to the address on file. There is a $2.00 processing fee deducted from your earnings. Your check will be issued within 5 days of the funds being returned to us.

What do I need to do to be sure I have PayPal set up?

Your email is like an account number. Your PayPal email and your Savvy Sister consignor account
email must be the same OR your Savvy Sister email must be “linked” to your PayPal account. You may change your contact email at Savvy Sister to your PayPal email address OR log into your PayPal account and add an email, using the email associated with your Savvy Sister account.

You can have multiple emails associated with one PayPal account. If you’ve used PayPal in the past (but not recently) you may want to contact PayPal using the number listed above to make sure you are in “good standing” with PayPal to avoid your funds being denied on PayPal’s side. Any changes to your Savvy Sister  email must be completed BEFORE the tagging system closes.  Once it closes you will not be able to change your Savvy Sister email. Make sure the email we have on file for you is associated with YOUR PayPal account! YOU are responsible for providing us the correct email aka “account number”.

Why have we chosen PayPal?
It is a safer, more efficient and more reliable method of handling funds than a paper check sent via USPS. You get your earnings quicker and in a more secure fashion. You can access your funds in multiple ways, including a transfer to your bank account which incurs no PayPal fees.

Why do you use a computerized tagging system?

  • Tagging is much faster!  We value your time.
  • Shoppers will enjoy a fast checkout.
  • Allows you to know what items have sold each day.
  • Your consignor number remains the same for all future sales.
  • Allows you to leave unsold items tagged the next sale.

Do I need to stay with my items during the sale?  
There is NO need for you to stay. Just drop off your items and let us do the rest.  Although we would love to have you as a volunteer!

What items may I consign?  
Clothing, accessories, shoes, and handbags.  All items must be no more than 5 years old.  Our goal is to host a consignment event with the most fabulous pieces!  Please do not be offended if we do not accept something due to stains, wear, etc. Please carefully review our Acceptable and Unaccepted items page.

Who decides the price of my items?
You set your own prices. Use the original price and brand as your guide, or view our Price Reference Guide.  General rule of thumb is 50-75% off the original price.  Price to sell!  Designate whether you want your item reduced 50% during half price days.
How much money do I receive back from the sale of my items?
All consignors will receive a base pay of 60% of your total sale, but there are many ways to earn more!
  • Volunteer for 1 three hour shift and you will receive 65% of your sale.
  • Volunteer for 2 three hour shifts and you will receive 70% of your sale.
  • Volunteer for 3 three hour shifts* and you will receive 75% of your sale + 3 VIP Passes.
  • Volunteer for 4 three hour shifts* and you will receive 75% of your sale + 4 VIP Passes.

One of these shifts must be a break-down shift

Are there any fees involved with the sale?
Yes, the $15 consignor fee covers general cost to run the sale. The fee must be paid during registration and there is no entrance fee for shoppers.

What happens to my unsold items?  
When you tag your items, you will designate whether you want to pick-up or donate your unsold merchandise.  If you want to pick up your unsold items, you must come during the scheduled pick-up time to retrieve them.  Anything left after that time will become property of Savvy Sister.  We cannot make exceptions to this schedule because we have to vacate the sale site promptly.

To busy to tag? Check out our Express Tagging Service!


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