Merchandise Prep/Tagging Procedures

Get ready, get set…. start tagging!


Here is what you are going to need:

  • Cardstock paper (white)
  • Hole punch and ribbon
  • Safety pins
  • Small zip-ties
  • Hangers (shirt and pant) 
  • Packing Tape 
  • Optional : Tagging gun (


  • Make sure all clothing and handbags are clean and free of rips or tears. Items with strong smoke or foul odor will NOT be accepted.
  • Secure all buttons and zippers.
  • Tagging guns can be used in place of safety pins, please only tag in seams or in manufacturer’s tags.

Prepare Clothing:

  • Iron all items that may have formed wrinkles or been creased when folded.
  • Hang clothing with hangers facing left like a ? – ? – ?
  • When hanging SETS be sure to secure both items/hangers together with a rubber band.
  • Use notch hangers for strappy items (tanks & dresses) – no pins please.
  • All bottoms must be hung by the waistband on a pant hanger. DO NOT use safely pins when hanging.  Pant hangers are available to rent from Savvy Sister at time of drop-off  ($5 for 25 hangers, cash only).

Prepare Accessories:

  • Shoes may be brought in boxes, but will not be displayed with their box. Boxes will not be returned following the sale.
  • Belts, scarves and hats will not require hangers.  They will be displayed on tables or hung on hooks.
  • Match and/or attach jewelry sets together.
  • Earrings should be attached to card stock paper and taped on the back to further secure the earrings.

How to price items:

  • Our general rule of thumb is price the item to sell. We suggest 50-70% off retail price.
  • Still not sure on the price?  Check out our Price Guideline.
  • Offer your items at ½ OFF the last discount day, by checking the “DISCOUNT” button. Half the money is better than no money!

Making and Printing Tags:

Our integrated software will allow you to easily enter each item into your own data base. Every item will have your consignor #, its own description, size, price, *Discount – Yes or No, and *Donate – Yes or No. Tags can be printed right from your personal printer at any time and you only have to enter your items once. Tags should be printed on (minimum) 65 lb. white card stock paper.

*Discount – You have the option to keep the item at full price or discount to ½ OFF during the Military and Teacher discount day and  on the last day of the sale (recommended).

*Donate – You have the option to donate the item after the sale. Donated items will be picked up by our designated charity.  You will not need to pick them up.

Printing Tags: Use an inkjet printer with a normal (not best quality) printout.  The barcode needs to appear crisp and clear.  Be sure your printer has been calibrated and set-up correctly. Note: you can save your tags as a pdf file and print them anywhere. Each item MUST have an origainal tag, no photocopies. Copy centers will also cut them for you for a minimal fee!  A great option if you do not have a reliable printer.

If your items do not sell: Leave the tags on and sell enter the item into our next sale. Tags can be used again at our  without reprinting or re-tagging!

Attaching your Tags:

  • Attach your tag to the front, top right of each hanging garments using a safety pin or tagging gun.
  • For garments that are too delicate to pin tags to the front we recommend attaching tags to a seam or inside label.
  • Tags must be securely attached to shoes with ribbon and hole punch, safety pins or packing tape. Shoppers will be handling and trying them on. When using clear packing tape on shoes, secure tag to the bottom of the shoes first. If it does not stick tag should be tapped inside the shoe.  DO NOT attach tags to shoe boxes. 
  • Affix tags to other loose accessories using a tagging gun, ribbon or safety pins.
  • For larger jewelry, attach tags using ribbon and hole punch.
  • Earrings and small jewelry should be attached to card stock paper and taped on the back to further secure. The tag should then be taped or pinned directly onto the card stock.
  • When tagging high end handbags ( > $75 price), please attach tag with MULTIPLE mini zip ties.

To busy to tag? Check out our Express Tagging Service!

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